Image Tricks review

Making use of some of the core graphics routines built into OS X, Image Tricks Pro provides 95 image effects and filters, 40 Quartz compositions and 20 image generators, where types of pattern are created and blended in.

The filters are broken down into transform, colour, focus, distortion, style, halftone, tile, lumine and overlap categories. Each filter can be previewed and most have parameters that can be tweaked. Although, for no good reason, some don’t, when it would be useful if they did. Other effects like the transform options are fairly clunky and not that good. However, the rest are decent.

Half-toning works well, but it lacks any parameters to control the size or density


The Quartz selections are a bit more dramatic, with City Lights being one of our favourites. The comic book and half-toning filters give good results, although it’s a pity they don’t have any adjustable parameters. Oddly, the masks don’t block the filter effect; they rather pointlessly mask the entire image.

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