ImageWell 3.2.2 full review

Not everyone who prepares images for the web is a fully fledged designer who needs all the tools of Photoshop or Fireworks. ImageWell is for everyday web users, not professional web builders. It’s for bloggers and message board mavens, social networkers and casual home page makers. To that end, its workflow is genius. Drag and drop any image to the ImageWell interface, resize it then click Send to upload the doctored file direct to your FTP server, iDisk or WebDav site – without needing to save an interim version.

There are some bits of set-up required to get this going. When you start ImageWell, you see a very small dialogue with some sliders and a bunch of buttons. Most people will need to open ‘Locations’ first to enter their FTP or WebDav details. Once that’s done though, there’s very little else that needs tweaking – images are resized using an intuitive percentage slider or numerical entry boxes – ideal for creating forum avatars or thumbnails for blogs. Another slider lets you set JPEG quality.

If you’re paranoid about people nicking your pictures, click ‘Watermarks’ to add visible text over your image. The final editing section, descriptively labelled ‘More’, gives you access to tools for taking screengrabs or rotating your existing image.

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