Neat Image review

If you shoot digital photos at high ISOs or take long exposure pictures at dusk, you’re going to see evidence of noise in the image. The one job of this Photoshop plug-in - Neat Image - is to remove that noise.

This Pro version is intended to process large amounts of high-bit depth images. The Home version is limited to 8-bit images and doesn’t work with actions but costs just $39.90 (£25).

Neat Image can reduce noise, preserve the shape of the objects and add sharpening to the result


It all starts with profiling the image, either by loading a camera profile or sampling the image and performing an auto-match. Neat Image also reads the EXIF data to get the model. Setting the sampling patch can be fiddly but once done you can move on to the noise filter settings. There’s also the option to sharpen the image. The results are often nothing short of amazing.

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