PhotoCopy review

The clean white rooms of 2001, the tones of a Salgado print, and the colour of a cyanotype: this is the approach of PhotoCopy. It provides examples of a genre and transfers those tones, colours, contrast and textures to the target photo.

Effects are divided into Movies, Paintings, Photographs and Processes. In general, Movies is best for colour toning, Paintings for adding coloured textures, and Photographs for monochrome or grain, while Processes adds grain and texture according to the original chemical mixture.

Taking a more artistic approach to toning and texturing images, PhotoCopy transfers the key components of a classic image, film or process


It’s an interesting concept, though flawed to a degree. For example, adding the Alien 1 tint to a photo doesn’t make it look all HR Gieger, just whiteish. Other effects are more successful adding interesting textures, grain and chemical effects.

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