Photomatix Light full review

High Dynamic Range imaging – HDR for short – is a digital processing method for photographs that creates images with deep, lustrous colours and high levels of contrast. The hyperreal results are ideal for artistic and design applications. Photomatix Light is a simple tool for creating such images.

The process requires you to combine several photographs with different exposure settings that are otherwise almost identical. You can do this manually, using a DSLR camera mounted on a tripod and triggering shots with a remote cable. The more precisely the images overlay, the better the results. Some cameras have AEB – Automatic Exposure Bracketing – built in. This streamlines the process by taking several differently exposed shots in rapid succession.

With Photomatix Light, you can drag three or more differently exposed images directly to the application. You can add or exclude images by ticking or unticking the thumbnail’s box. At the next stage you have a range of parameters that can be tweaked to achieve different results – though the software ships with three presets to get you going.

It’s a very easy piece of software to use, with preview results always on display in real time. The images it generates can be truly breathtaking – but this depends on your own skills. It won’t miraculously make lousy photographs work – though you can use the software to colour-enhance individual images too.

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