Photoprinto 2.0.2

As long as the quality of your photos are up to scratch, iPhoto albums, calendars and cards make great presents and keepsakes. The one drawback is it’s not possible to print these yourself – something of a cash cow for Apple, I’m sure.
Photoprinto is designed to fill this gap: an album-creation program that enables the user to print to a home inkjet. It lets you create photo albums and single sheets using templates or your own designs. A range of frames and soft-edgings can be added to photos, and there are captioning and cropping features, too.

It’s a shame, then, that the creators have interred all this beneath one of the most unintuitive interfaces I’ve come across in a while. I resent having to refer to user manuals for anything other than rarified functionality, and certainly don’t expect to be forced to consult one just to get started on basic software.

Its core fault is that there’s no obvious or easy way to sequence images within an album. Drag-&-drop from a gallery would have been the obvious thing, but Photoprinto just dumps them automatically into albums, resulting in portrait shots being placed in landscape frames and vice versa. It’s carnage, and takes an eternity to sort.


Personally, I’d rather pay Apple to deliver professional-looking albums than wrestle with Photoprinto, only for it to deliver inferior results that’ll end up costing just as much in inkjet consumables anyway.

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