ResizeIt 3.0.1 full review

There are no prizes for guessing what ResizeIt does. Yes, it resizes images. And it does that job very well.

But, wait, that’s not the end of it. It’s also an image processing and filtering tool, so when the developer called his baby ResizeIt, he was being modest. He should have called it ResizeRotateAndConvertItToJPEG. It actually recognises TIFF, PNG, JPEG and GIF images and cross-saves to any of those formats. It’s the perfect tool for quickly repurposing images for other media, making thumbnails, or converting an image for the web.

The workflow is almost ridiculously straightforward. When you launch the program you’re prompted to pick a file. The image you choose can then be resized by entering dimensions (in pixels) or reduced by a percentage. Choose a format to save in, pick a folder and decide whether to save in high quality or not – then hit the big resize button. That’s it.

There’s one other, very useful feature; you can save your configuration as a preset. This is great if you have a batch of images to process in the same way. And there’s more. You can use any preset to create an Automator-powered ‘droplet’ – just like Photoshop batch actions. So, in future you won’t need to launch ResizeIt, just drag and drop your images to the droplet.

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