ResizeMe full review

In this age of Facebook and MySpace, Twitter and Flickr, we’re often prompted by web services and sites to upload images with specific dimensions. You can edit photos with a bulky image editor like Photoshop or iPhoto, but ResizeMe can do the job before these programs have had a chance to launch.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, with a single dialogue box for parameters, there’s little mystery to ResizeMe. You drag an image to one box, enter your settings, and drag the processed images back to the Finder. You can resize in pixels or by percentage. You can also flip images vertically and horizontally, set rotation by degrees and choose which dimensions to scale the results in.

One of the software’s best features is its ability to crunch through multiple files at once. Instead of a single file you can select dozens, drag them all to ResizeMe and batch process the lot using the same set of dimensions. It’s ideal for web development, creating thumbnails, resizing images for printing or making photo galleries. Any EXIF data is preserved throughout the process – so you’ll still be able to embed device, copyright and date information.

The software supports JPEG and PNG for web users, but apparently not GIF. There’s PDF support included, plus TIFF, TGA and SGI. Disappointingly, you can’t convert between formats. Developers Dare to be Creative suggest using their generic conversion tool Dragoman instead – but surely they could have still built image conversion into ResizeMe without losing any sales of their other product?

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