Voila full review

As frequent users of screen capture applications, we can find a lot to like in Voila. Apple’s own screen grabbing utilities – both the built-in shortcut and the bundled program Grab - are basic. They enable you to capture screen regions, windows and the full desktop with a couple of key presses. Voila combines the same functionality with geometric selection tools, menu grabbing features and a fully featured post-production editor.

Why would you need to take screen shots of your Mac at work? All kinds of reasons – and Voila gives us some new ones too. With its built-in annotation tools, it’s easy to build quick, step-by-step posts for blogs, presentations or just for fun. You can use screen shots, imported images or pictures dragged from iPhoto. Editing tools enable you to add text, clip art stamps and speech balloons or draw shapes. Click on the Effects tab, to start altering images with skew, crop, edge, filter and adjust tools.

Voila builds it’s own History as you go along – a library feature that tracks your efforts. When you’re creating a sequence of images it’s handy to refer to. For us, the killer feature is the ability to make geometric selections. Most capture tools enable you to grab sections of rectangular screen. With Voila you can capture circles, polygons and even freehand selections. The polygon capture tool is a stroke of genius, enabling you to capture precise selections very quickly.

One other feature that sets Voila apart from other capture tools; you can make multiple selections on the same screen. The program saves them all and inserts them in the History bar when you click the capture icon.

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