Photo Shootout for iPhone full review

Photo Shootout seems to be targeting those already familiar with SLR photography, so it’s tough to determine whether the tutorial is supposed to bring amateurs up to speed or dumb things down for professionals.

The game doesn’t use the iPhone’s built-in camera, but instead offers a photography simulator with photo taking, selling, and other photo-related trappings. The app walks you through ISO, shutter speed, and aperture adjustment skills, all by swiping a dial left or right until the exposure scale at the top of the screen hits 0 for a perfectly exposed image. You’re tasked with photographing family moments and interesting objects, adjusting one setting per tutorial to keep things simple.

When you’ve completed your training, you can move onto Professional Assignments, where you must adjust all three components at the same time to set up the perfect shot.

What’s interesting – and a bit disconcerting – about the professional shoots is that the only choices now are beauty or swimsuit shoots.

It would have been good to include another genre that didn’t involve semi-clothed women.

Once you run out of time or fill up your in-game memory card, you can select the shots you want to put in your portfolio – photos your agent can sell for magazine spreads and so on. You can then take the proceeds to the camera shop to buy better equipment or new assignments – although the latter option won’t be available until a future update.

While the limited options are a major drawback, Photo Shootout is an otherwise gorgeous game, with crisp graphics, simple controls, and an undeniably unique premise.

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