PNY ThinkSafe Portable Security Clamp full review

The PNY ThinkSafe Portable Security Clamp is a security lock that can be clamped and secured to a table.

It works in conjunction with a cable, such as the PNY ThinkSafe Portable MacBook Locking system. Attaching this to the clamp ensures that it cannot be removed (or unclamped).

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The idea is reasonably simply. You screw the clamp tightly on to the edge of a table, and then feed the cable through a ball underneath the screw. The cable is then looped on itself and connected to the laptop. Either with a compatible Kensington lock slot or using the PNY Hinge mechanism (as reviewed here).

PNY ThinkSafe Clamp

The PNY ThinkSafe Portable Security Clamp is a good solution for situations where you have a laptop you need securing, but no pole to wrap the cable around. We imagine people using Macs at trade shows will find it particularly useful. 

Setting it up couldn’t be simpler, although we have some concerns about a theif being able to slide (or bash it) it off a table. As with the PNY ThinkSafe Locking system we consider this to be a good solution to keeping a MacBook safe and secure while your back is turned, but we wouldn’t leave the Mac unattended with a determined thief.

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