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Popsicolor, from the developer behind Percolator 2.0, a fun, circle-based mosaic photograph app, offers a way for iOS users to create watercolour style paintings with minimal fuss. Users simply select a photograph from camera or photo library and wait for Popsicolor to make a 'mess.' Colours can be mixed via two palettes, one at the top and one at the bottom of your screen, to create a seductive gradient effect. Three 'Focus' options – Minimal, Natural or Bold – offer further choice, each offering subtle yet varied variations of your photograph. Further variations of those results are available by selecting 'Remix Flavors,' which will endlessly change your colour scheme until you find the one you like best. 

Popsicolor for iOS  

Having tried numerous so called painting apps that only produce poor results, Popsicolor does a fine job of creating images that impress and enchant. For once, the painted results don't resemble a bad Photoshop filter. Depending on how you hold your Apple device you can also control the number of drips your painting produces, which while hardly essential, is a nice touch. Thankfully, images are exported at the full resolution of your original photograph, which means your artistic endeavours don't suffer from pixilation and can even be printed. 

Popsicolor for iOS  

"Conceived, designed, developed and deployed in just under seven days," Popsicolor isn't without a few shortcomings. It would be good to tweak settings such as brightness, contrast, saturation and shadows to achieve better results without resorting to an additional app. A back button to revert to the previous version of a painting would also be useful. For those who like sharing, and why not with such attractive results, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration would be a bonus. For now, users can email or save paintings to display later. 

Popsicolor for iOS


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