DataTraveler 150 64GB full review

With its bright colouring and dappled design, the DataTraveler from Kingston Technology is one of the more eye-catching sticks in this group. That’s the only fancy feature on offer here, though, as the DataTraveler 150 is a no-frills model designed to provide high capacity at an affordable price.

The DataTraveler 150 is one of the few 64GB memory sticks currently available, and costs just over £100, which makes it quite a bit cheaper than the 64GB Corsair Voyager. The DataTraveler also provides better performance than the Voyager, managing to back up our 10GB folder of files in about 22 minutes compared to over half an hour for the Voyager.

The DataTraveler isn’t as rugged as the Voyager, but its plastic housing seems reasonably solid and we wouldn’t worry too much about carrying it around in a pocket.

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