JetFlash V60 32GB full review

Transcend’s JetFlash V60 was the biggest flash memory stick available when it was first launched about a year ago. It’s got a little more competition now, and you can get more storage from the larger sticks produced by Corsair and Kingston. However, its original price has fallen by about £20 since then so it still provides pretty good value for money.

There’s nothing fancy about the V60 – in fact its red-and-white plastic casing can best be described as cheap and cheerful. It’s nice and compact, though, measuring 6cm long, 1.9cm wide and just under 1cm thick, so it’s easy to slip into your pocket or into a case alongside your laptop when you need to take it with you.

Its performance isn’t bad either – it took just 17 minutes to back up our 10GB batch of test files, which makes it the fastest device in this group.

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