PNY USB 2.0 32GB review

PNY’s 32GB memory stick is the smallest unit in this group, measuring just 0.9cm thick, 1.75cm wide and 5.8cm long, so it’s obviously very easy to carry around with you. There’s even a little slot on the end of the unit so you can hook it onto a keyring.

The stick’s performance is pretty good too. In fact, it managed to back up our batch of test files in 15 minutes, leaving all its rivals trailing behind. It’s slightly more expensive than the other 32GB memory stick from Transcend, but we reckon the extra performance is worth it. And, if you pay an extra £8, you can get a mini-USB hub thrown in as well (which will come in handy if you’ve got a MacBook Air or just want to add some USB ports to your laptop).


Our only minor worry is that the plastic casing seems a little flimsy. The more solidly designed sticks from Corsair and Kingston might be a better choice if you think that the memory stick might need to withstand the occasional bump.

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