Ultra High Speed USB Flash Drive Type S Review

Buffalo’s 4GB Ultra High Speed USB Flash Drive Type S boasts some clever technology that makes it possible to achieve pretty speedy transfer times, although on our test MacBook Pro these were nowhere near the claimed 1GB of data in one minute. Instead we were able to transfer a GB of photographs on to the device in 4:22. Nevertheless, this time is still impressive given that some of the USB sticks on test took more than three times as long to do the same transfer. While not the best value here, the Type S also offers good value for money – about £6.95 per GB. There are also 1GB and 2GB versions available.


Bufallo’s memory stick is only really let down by its looks – the clear plastic backing might be seen as retro by some, but we’re not all that interested in seeing the ugly circuit board inside. However you’d have to be pretty shallow to let that minor grumble influence you – all in all this is a good choice.

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