iPod charger full review

How many times have you been out and about and run out of juice for your iPod. Usually it’s an inconvenience that’s easily solved when you get back to your Mac or a powerpoint. Sometimes, though, that might be a while. But it’s the sort of situation when you wish you had a solar powered iPod charger, isn’t it? OK, maybe you didn’t think you needed one, but Solio has made one anyway.

If you’re heading away from civilization for a bit but want to make sure you have your favourite tunes with you, it could be the ideal solution. Whether you’re sunning yourself on a beach or backpacking around the world, the Solio charger is a great gadget. It doesn’t just charge your iPod though: an extra £14.99 (on top of the £49.99 for the charger) will get you a mobile phone adaptor. Even if you’re miles from a friendly plug socket, you‘ll have an emergency option.

I suppose the rather less-dramatic option of lying on the beach listening to music or an audiobook is the more likely use for this power plant. If you want a battery backup in this country, the weather may be an issue – but the charger can be juiced-up from a wall socket as well as by the sun, meaning it can also be used as a backup battery.

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