Portfolio 6.1 full review

Mac OS X compatibility is the big news in this upgrade to Portfolio 6.0. Extensis has rebuilt it from the ground up, taking advantage of the Quartz graphics engine, long-filename support, and placing a pop-up menu in the Dock to quickly select and open catalogues. Many of the great features introduced with version 6.0 have come across smoothly into Mac OS X. For example, you can email any number of items from a catalogue directly from the toolbar. Testing this was simply a case of selecting files and clicking the Email icon. Entourage was immediately launched with the selected files included as attachments. For other output options, version 6.1 wins again - the Collect feature can burn a cross-platform CD of newly gathered files using Apple's Disc Burner from within Portfolio. The floating Portfolio Express palette also makes an appearance in Mac OS X mode. This incredibly useful tool runs in the background and gives access to any Portfolio catalogue at the touch of a hot-key shortcut, allowing you to drag-&-drop catalogue items into any open application without the need to switch to or open the main Portfolio application. But there are some exceptions to the transfer rule. Support for Digimarc watermarking has failed to be translated into OS X. In addition, Corel document thumbnailing and previewing is not supported, and version 6.1 does not feature the drop-down menu that listed Saved Finds in previous versions. There are also some strict caveats to be observed. No system before Mac OS X 10.2 is supported, and Extensis particularly warns against opening a shared catalogue located on a Mac OS X 10.1.5 shared volume. SMB file-sharing is also not supported in this version, and a further sharing constraint means that a catalogue opened in Portfolio on a local machine can't be opened at the same time on another machine. Extensis blames all these limitations on Jaguar's file sharing. On the flipside, 6.1 introduces some special extras, such as Batch Rename. This changes the filenames for the files in the gallery in one operation. Portfolio also draws on OS X's PDF rendering for thumbnails and previews, as well as the ability to browse and zoom through multi-page PDFs. In addition, a pdftotext option when installing 6.1 allows text inside PDFs to be indexed and searched. Another gem is the ability to drag-&-drop files from the gallery into the Finder when using a locked catalogue or a catalogue in Reader Mode.
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