PowerSleevz; ScreenSavRz full review

I'm new to PowerBooks. Now the proud owner of an aluminium PowerBook, I worry about wear and tear. Luckily Radtech has a range of products to keep my baby safe and scratch-free. The PowerSleevz cover is a soft, suede-like envelope that slips over your PowerBook. The material is synthetic and slightly stretchy, which means it fits the PowerBook like a glove. When not holding the PowerBook it can double as a screen duster, and it also helps grip the PowerBook so you are less-likely to drop it. If you don't have an expensive carry case, PowerSleevz can protect your machine loose in a regular bag. It doesn't offer much padding, but should repel scratches. If you want to keep your PowerBook looking brand new this will help a lot. Older PowerBooks often suffer from screen scratches due to the keyboard touching the screen when the machine is closed. It's not yet clear if my 15-inch PowerBook suffers the same design flaw, but I don't want to find out. To this end, RadTech also makes ScreenSavRz, a soft cloth that sits on your keyboard while the machine is closed, keeping the pressure off the screen. It is a bit of a hassle to keep putting it on and taking it off. However, the alternative could mean a dinged-up screen, which will never get fixed – so it's worth the effort.
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