Print & Share for iPhone full review

Print & Share is a simple, elegant iPhone app that enables you to print email, attachments, images, contacts, documents, and Web pages to any network-connected printer you’ve made accessible via its free sister program, WePrint.

Provided by EuroSmartz, WePrint is a print server that comes in both Mac and Windows versions. Like the iPhone app it supports, it’s stable and easy to set up.

Print & Share is more versatile than Print, EuroSmartz’s first offering. That app doesn’t enable you to print email, attachments, and documents. Since we reviewed Print, EuroSmartz has added some nice options to Print, which are included in Print & Share, as well.

For example, you can now password-protect WePrint, which requires you to type in a password before accessing the server software. The app now allows you to override, from your iPhone, your default WePrint settings for image size and orientation.

As in the original version of Print, you can choose a WePrint setting that enables you to print documents to a file. When you choose this option, your iPhone documents - whether they’re Web pages, PDF files, images or contacts - how up on your WePrint server as Preview documents.

All of Print & Share’s action takes place within the app itself, which means if you want to print out email, for example, you have to open up Print & Share and access your email from within the app.

The home screen presents a simple interface displaying six icons - for files, email, Web pages, contacts, images, contacts, and camera. When you tap on an icon, the app then lets you access each type of item. Because it is pulling the files from elsewhere, you can preview them but not edit them in any fashion.

You can also select multiple noncontiguous files, contacts, photos, and so forth to print out as a batch. Unfortunately, each file - whether a 20-page Word document or one line of contact information - prints out as an individual entity. This means, for example, that you can’t print a list of contacts and contact information as a single document on one page.

To print Web pages from Print & Share, you have to first open the app’s built-in browser and then type in a URL. The browser does let you bookmark pages, but because of iPhone limitations, you can’t import your Safari bookmarks.

The browser itself isn’t quite as elegant and robust as Safari, but it’s quite capable and stable, and if you do a lot of printing it’s solid enough to serve as your primary iPhone Web browser.

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