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Egnyte HybridCloud file server promises customers the convenience of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud, offering the ability to automatically sync data across any number of storage systems. Egnyte notes users can store, share, access and back up files from any standard web browser, while IT retains complete control over those files being shared via centralised administration. Those administrators have the ability to create multi-tiered users and control folder/sub-folder permissions, monitor usage and generate a complete audit trail of all file activities.

PC and Mac compatible, Egnyte also prides itself on the ability to work on the move, with support for Apple iOS, Windows Mobile and Google Android mobile devices. The Egnyte iPad app, for instance, allows users to store, share and access files and even mark files for offline access, sync files with any computer, network-attached storage or virtual machine and collaborate using automatic file versioning, annotations and notifications. Apple's iPad particularly, and iPhone, has the potential to be turned into a powerful business tool for those on the go. 

Egnyte HybridCloud  

Egnyte offers a range of packages aimed at both small businesses and large organisations. 'Small Business Bundles' start at around £15 () per month and covers five employees and 150GB of storage. The 'Office' option costs £28 () per month and ten employees and a more substantial 1TB of storage. The large organisations package 'Enterprise' option covers unlimited users at around £8 () per individual per month and includes 3TB of storage.  

It's worth noting storage is shared by all users of the account, which could mean that data is soon eaten up, although companies can invest in more storage, currently up to 16TB. If this all sounds like a serious investment, which it is, Egnyte offers a free 'no credit card required' 15 day trial so you can get some idea if the service is worth it. Egnyte offers those unconvinced several persuasive case studies showing savings on printing and paper costs as well as much improved productivity.

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