MatrixStore full review

As creative producers know, video data takes up lots of space. MatrixStore provides you with a method for archiving and backing-up that data and is aimed squarely at video production. Generously, the software bundle – client, server and management tools – is free to download and is fully functional. For an investment of zero pence you get the complete application and 15 terabytes of archive capability.

We have to warn you though – this is not a home archiving or back-up solution. You’ll need a minimum of three hardware ‘nodes’. MatrixStore defines a node as an Xserve with a RAID unit attached – though you could forgo the RAID storage to configure a pilot system. In short, this isn’t software for backing up your Mac mini. Rather, it’s aimed at people requiring tens of terabytes of archive storage. That’s why they can afford to give away the software free, then charge $1,000 (£519) per additional terabyte over the bundled 15 terabyte allowance.

In keeping with this level of performance, MatrixStore integrates into your existing video server workflow. There’s support for Xsan – Apple’s data-sharing software designed for high-speed networks – and Final Cut Server.

A key feature of the system is back-up redundancy. Every time you archive data using MatrixStore, two copies are made on different nodes.

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