MindNode Pro 1.0.3 full review

Markus Müller’s MindNode Pro 1.0.3 is a simple application with a learning curve so shallow your boss could figure it out.

When you launch MindNode Pro, you’ll see a blank screen with a mind map starter bubble, called the root node. Drag or click on the plus sign next to the root node to quickly create a child node, and a bubble springs forth, linked with a coloured line to its root-node parent.

Sound easy? It is. The default toolbar contains only five buttons: Add node (+), Delete node (-), Fonts, Colours and the Inspector, which enables you to change line styles and background colours. The keyboard shortcuts are just as straightforward.

MindNode Pro scores points for the fluid animation each time you create a node. MindNode Pro also allows you to create multiple mind maps within a single document: just add a new root node.

Unlike some mind-mapping apps, MindNode Pro gives you the flexibility to click and drag your nodes wherever you want them onscreen. The application also offers autosave capabilities at time intervals that you define. Sharing mind maps with a friend via iChat Theater is straightforward, and MindNode Pro supports Spotlight to boot.

MindNode Pro offers some features that are not available in the freeware version, MindNode. In the Pro version you can fold nodes, collapsing portions of your mind map that you don’t want to look at. The Pro version also improves print output and enables you to add hotlinks to your mind maps.

There’s a search functionality. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to add images to your mind maps.

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