Relationship 1.0 Beta full review

Relationship 1.0 is pitched somewhere between the bundled tools you’re used to and the big-budget professional packages that lead the market.

Relationship is essentially a database with a flexible front-end. Its unique selling point is a simple, single window interface where you can add contact information using predefined fields. The vCard compatible criteria will be familiar to anyone who’s used an address book before. Existing data can be imported from vCard or iCal compatible sources or from comma delimited text files.

Group management is one of Relationship’s key features, enabling you to create multiple address books based on custom specifications. Though standard fields are suggested for the data you store, you can add as many additional columns to groups as you like. Once entered, the details are easy to find in column view or via Relationship’s search tools. When you find a contact, you add Associations to their card. For example, you can flag a contact as a worker within a specific company or as a friend in a project group you created. You can use these groups and associations to perform further actions, such as email a specific set of clients from within the application.

Relationship’s not just a fancy address book though. You can link events to any contact in your database – enabling you to set up meeting reminders, deadlines and appointments. All this takes place within the same environment. There’s no switching between multiple applications or screens.

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