World Clock Deluxe 4.5 full review

We know what a hassle it is having to wear half a dozen watches so that you can instantly find out the time in Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, Sydney and Grimsby. The folks at Mabasoft have come up with a solution; World Clock Deluxe – a tool that displays multiple clocks in multiple time zones on your desktop.

OK – so we weren’t being too serious about the watches, but there are legitimate uses for this software. If you’re working across time zones, as many of us are in this age of internet communication and the 24-hour working day, it’s handy to know whether the sun’s up in the part of the world you’re trying to contact.

World Clock Deluxe offers myriad ways of accessing this information, allowing you to customise your use of the tool to your exact preferences.

You can display clocks on your desktop, menu bar, and in the dock, adding as many or few time zones as you like. The extensive configuration tools enable you to organise your clocks, colour code them and sort them in a number of different ways. If you don’t deal with a specific time zone enough to have a dedicated clock on permanent display, you can use the software’s date and time conversion tool instead, swiftly calculating what time it is in Los Angeles when you’re starting work in sunny Huddersfield.

Finally, the program uses an online feed to keep you updated with the weather forecast around the globe, so you can greet your Aussie colleagues with a cheery and inevitable: “Morning! I hear it’s sunny where you are!”

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