Wallaby Wallet full review

Technology today is all about convergence, but this is a new one. Proporta has incorporated a case for the 4G iPod nano into a regular wallet, so you can keep your music and your moolah in the same place. The wallet is the standard size, and has slots for your cash and credit cards. It opens out to reveal a slot for the nano, with a cutaway for the clickwheel and a plastic cover for the screen.

The outer shell of the wallet has a cutaway corner so that you can get your headphones into the nano without removing it.

Its iPod credentials are decent enough, but it’s as a wallet that the Wallaby falls down. There’s no fastenable compartment to put your change, and nowhere to put notes flat. The rigid iPod also makes it difficult to get into the compartment behind it. As a result, you’re unlikely to use it as your main wallet.

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