Memoires full review

Remember when diaries were private? In an age where every man and his dog has a blog, it’s becoming difficult to remember that we once kept many of our inner thoughts and feelings secret. Memoires lets you recapture that. It works just like your favourite blogging software, except that what you type into Memoires stays there. No one gets to see it unless you show it to them or they break into your computer.

Let’s forget such logistic fancies for the moment and look at the features in this curiously anachronistic package. There aren’t many, truth be told. Fire up the program and you’ll see a calendar view on the left and a blank page on the right. Click the Add icon to make the blank page writeable. Add a title, type. Drag and drop images directly to the page from the Finder. That’s your lot, basically.

There are no tags or categories in Memoires. No fancy templates or plug-in video widgets. When you’ve created an entry, it’s automatically archived by date. You can go back to that date in the calendar view to find your entry, or search by keyword. There’s an easy workaround to make up for the lack of taxonomical tools: simply preface your headline with a keyword that describes the entry. Stick to the same convention all the time and you’ve created your own searchable categories.

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