Pure Sensia 200D full review

There are quite a few speakers now available that use Apple’s AirPlay technology to stream CD-quality music over your home wifi network. However, Pure’s new Sensia 200D uses a rival wireless system known as DLNA (digital living network alliance).

Apple doesn’t support DLNA in its iOS mobile devices, but you can use the DLNA networking features of the Sensia 200D simply by downloading the Pure Lounge app from the App Store (and there’s an Android version of the app available too).

Connecting the Sensia to my home network was very straightforward, thanks to the touch-screen controls on its colourful seven-inch display, and I was able to start streaming music from my iPhone with no trouble at all.

The sound quality is very good – clear and detailed, and with respectable bass given the relatively small size of the unit. The 30W output isn’t enough to get a full-on party going, but it’s fine for listening to the radio while you work or for playing a few tunes over dinner with friends.

The Sensia 200D provides wireless streaming for iOS and Android devices

The Lounge app does have a couple of sloppy flaws, though – the main one being that it lists songs in alphabetical order, rather than according to the original album track listing. Pure told us that this would be fixed ‘in the next few days’ – and hopefully by the time this review is published – but it’s amazing that they allowed a mistake like that to slip through in the first place. The app’s Search function doesn’t currently work either, and Pure could only say that a fix for this was ‘coming soon’.

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