QDOS Executive Folio - Black Croco full review

Promising 'professional quality', the Executive Folio - Black Croco from QDOS is a solid and stylish case compatible with all versions of Apple's iPad. Aimed, as the name suggests, at business users, the case comes with a 'semi-rigid' design and zipper for extra protection, which is especially useful on your travels. Once held in place by a neat pocket and fully zipped, the case feels reassuringly protective. 

That protection extends to the micro-fibre suede interior and additional flap, which covers the face of your tablet and acts as a built-in iPad stand. Offering a choice of adjustable angles thanks to five shallow ridges, the case acts as a decent, although not ideal, stand for presentations, watching films and more. QDOS notes that a built in sensor magnet also turns the iPad on or off depending on the position of the flap. The case also finds space for a few accessories on your travels, including a pen, stylus and at a push room for paperwork or a small notebook. Also included is a pouch-like net pocket and business card/credit card holder, which is easily detachable. 

QDOS Executive Folio - Black Croco case for iPad  

The Executive Folio - Black Croco is meant to be left on, although if you need to use your iPad camera you have to remove the case, which while a minor inconvenience, limits spontaneity when snapping photos. The design of the case does add some weight and bulk and distracts from the iPad's  sleek aesthetics somewhat,  but we found these misgivings were out weighed by the clear benefits of the added protection. Additionally, at around £75 it appears to be the most expensive QDOS iPad case currently available, a significant investment compared to other manufactures and one that will seem like overkill if your iPad never leaves home.


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