Quake II

I must be getting old; killing things in a mindless blood-fest is getting a little boring. I enjoyed the original Quake and the other hack-and-slash games. However, Quake II just didn’t inspire me to new levels of blood-lust. I have all the right gear to get the game running to optimum speed – a 400MHz Power Mac G3 with 256MB of RAM, together with an ATI graphics card. But, I didn’t find it super-fast. The graphics are smooth and fairly detailed, but not breathtaking. There are a few amusing new features – such as dead bodies attracting flies. Also, when you shoot somebody, you need to be careful, because sometimes they get a final shot off. The accelerated graphics-card allows for better water effects, but little in the way of reflections or smoke-haze effects. If you load the game onto your hard drive, you get some impressively animated cut-scenes, that go some way towards explaining the story. I may have missed some subtle nuances, but, the crux of it is that you land on an alien planet and kill anything that moves. The network games are a hoot. There are hours of fun to be had nuking your neighbours and killing your friends.


Hard-core gamers will probably buy this, regardless of my opinion. However, more discerning gamers may want to wait for Unreal Tournament for a finer example of the genre. Quake II works as you would expect – but it it should offer more.

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