QuicKeys 4.0 full review

Twelve years ago, CE Software launched QuicKeys – and quickly established itself as the industry-leading automation program that took the drudgery out of common tasks by recording a set of keystrokes and replaying them at the touch of a key. It went through numerous changes in terms of interface and facilities, ending up now with version 4.0. One change is the leaving behind of System 7: QuicKeys 4.0 works only with Mac OS 8 or later. Part of the reason for this is the integration with Contextual Menus and the Appearance Manager, making this version up-to-date in looks and functionality.. QuicKeys has always had an air of difficulty about it. In order to combat this, it now sports Setup Assistants, a set of screens giving a blow-by-blow account of how to create a particular shortcut. In a similar vein, the QuicKeys Editor is much easier to use, with a far more modern front-end, new keysets and toolbars tabs, and type-to support for finding a shortcut very quickly. Also, now you can launch another program or move to a different window. In short, it now behaves like a modern application, including minimizing itself if you click outside. And the new toolbar is great – you can drag-&-drop almost anything on to it and have a shortcut created automatically. With ten new plug-ins, there’s something for everyone ranging from File Handler – which performs repeated operations on files – and Project Saver, where a single keystroke recalls the exact set-up of a worksession, to a number of Internet-specific functions.
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