Reeder 2 full review

RSS reader Reeder normally attracts rave reviews, and the recently launched Reeder 2 will likely follow suit, thanks to a prestigious Editors' Choice highlighted on the Apple iTunes Store.

Reeder 2 uses a simple selection of gestures, view modes and filters, explained in a few lines on the developers website, to navigate news and features on your iPhone, iPod touch and most attractively iPad.

Any site which uses RSS is compatible via a selection of supported syncing services, both free and paid, including Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever and Readability, all alternatives to Google Reader, which was discontinued on 1 July. Any items that catch your eye can be starred for future reading and shared by an array of options, including Twitter, Facebook, Messages, Mail and more. 

Reeder 2 for iPhone, iPad review

 In light of the iOS 7 redesign, visually Reeder 2 loses the faux-realistic 'skeuomorphic' touches, banished by Apple, for a more simple look and feel, one that appears clear and legible.  It's a pared down experience, which look less like a collection of mobile friendly web pages. Customisation is limited to reflect the minimalist look, but users can easily adjust title alignment, title size, line height and text size, along with the ability to greyscale images. Generally, the redesign works, although those expecting a radical overhaul or host of new features will be disappointed. 

Reeder 2 for iPhone, iPad review

 The new Reeder 2 isn't without a few growing pains, and 'Reeder Unexpectedly Quit' several times during the first few days of use, an issue noted by other users, and one that made sharing stories more of a chore. 'Syncing unread items,' also can take some time, enough time to boil several kettles and even head out for a walk, although this isn't such an issue as you can still access previously synced items.

Reeder 2 for iPhone, iPad review


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