CoPilot Live for iPhone full review

The CoPilot Live software is just £26.99 for the UK and Ireland maps – about half the price of the TomTom iPhone navigation app. CoPilot Live has full seven-digit postcode search and weather reports for your destination. The display automatically switches from day to night mode and offers 3D and 2D map views. There are speed notifications and safety camera alerts included too.

We found the CoPilot software really easy to use. The large icons and systems of navigating your choices is simple to understand. We particularly liked the early instructions, which prepare you for turns well in advance. Planning a multiple-stop trip was easier on the CoPilot than on any of the others navigation apps we’ve tried.

Re-routing and calculations are done quickly and we liked the lane-indicator display. This changes to focus on the lanes and how they look, making it much easier to take the right route. The Roadside Assistance button is also a potential life-saver – it gives your location and the number of your local rescue company at the touch of a button.

The CoPilot brings together all the best facets of a GPS tool. It’s easy to use and follow, and has some great additional features. The instructions are clear and given in good time, too. CoPilot is an excellent GPS navigation tool.

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