FontGenius for Macintosh full review

If you’ve ever looked at a logo or the text in a magazine and wondered what the typeface was, then FontGenius is for you.

FontGenius is one of those one-trick tools that feels like it should be part of a suite. In this case, it actually is. FontGenius can be bought as a standalone program or in a pack as part of FontGear’s Professional Software Suite (£85).

The program uses an advanced OCR algorithm to analyse images, extract font data and then look up typefaces in an online database. A list of likely matches is generated, enabling you to look through and decide which results are best for the task. It’s smart enough to compare the results with fonts that you already have installed, but can offer a preview of the font whether you’ve got it or not.

The app works best with sharp, clear images of the typefaces you want to search for. Built-in tools enable you to crop into and enhance images to get the best source to search with. An automatic adjustment tool makes all text black, whatever the original colour.

Search for fonts in any image. Ideal for finding display fonts in logos

Images can be uploaded to the tool or grabbed directly within FontGenius. The smart part is that you can purchase fonts you like without leaving the program. If the image is too big for the preview window, a slider lets you scale it down (or up), and a grabber lets you position it.

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