GasBag Pro full review

GasBag Pro is a motoring app that aims to help you find the cheapest petrol in your area, and also serves a a petrol logbook. The idea is that you use the built-in map to find petrol, and record your purchases.

It’s a good idea, but the main problem is that the petrol locations and prices are user-generated _ a station is only listed if one of your fellow motorists has taken the trouble to tap it into the app, and faithfully record all the prices. So you’ll often find that pricing info is absent, or that stations aren’t even listed.

The address functions are a bit iffy too - when we tried to submit a station it took a lot of fiddling before the app recognised it as a valid address.

The logbook only lists miles and litres, so no kilometres or gallons. GasBag Pro is a good idea, but needs a few tweaks - it’s only 59p, but you still feel cheated paying for limited user-generated content.

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