Keyboard Pro [mac] full review

Keyboard Pro is an online service that helps you improve your touch-typing skills. The developer claims you can learn professional typing skills in just six hours, although users may find the course best tackled in small lessons over a week or more, rather than in one intensive day.

Log onto the Keyboard Pro site, and you’ll get a video introduction to the course, along with lessons in good posture and relaxation, before starting the training, finger by finger, key by key.

Each lesson is introduced by a pre-recorded tutor who appears in a small window below the onscreen virtual keyboard. You can pause or interrupt a lesson at any point, with your latest position logged and ready to return to later.

Once you’ve learned the correct finger positions, it’s time to gradually speed up. There are eight key stages and you must complete each stage before you can progress to the next. (Though you can return to an earlier point whenever you want.) The second half of the course aims to get you up to 30 accurate words per minute. After that, it’s a matter of practice in normal daily typing, with speeds of 60 words per minute or more possible with familiarity.

The ability to type without looking at the keyboard is a skill we all could benefit from

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