Mental Case full review

Flash cards are a proven method for learning and memory improvement. Mental Case is a dual-purpose tool for authoring and playing back stacks of flash cards, complete with text, graphics and a rudimentary level of interactivity.

This is a fairly comprehensive application for a Mac Gem, with two distinct uses that are feature-packed and well executed. First, you create notes in a simple form-based dialog; you can also add images and text, set the screen duration of a note, and preview your work. You can also take photos with a connected camera or take screen grabs.

From there, you can organise your notes into lessons, enabling you to create your own learning sessions around any subject. When you select All Notes, the main window turns into a list of your available notes.

You can quickly create notes with Mental Case running using a shortcut key – this is great for keeping snippets of stuff you need to remember.

If all that creating sounds like a chore, the tool allows you to import from the Flash Card Exchange (, a free online resource.

Lessons are no good unless you can play them back – and Mental Case offers a number of ways to do that. The best playback experience is from within the application itself, using themes and transitions. There’s an iPhone app for £1.79, or you can export cards in a variety of formats – as a CSV file for example, or individual images.

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