Perfect Diet Tracker 3.0 full review

Calling your software Perfect is throwing down the gauntlet to reviewers. We have to admit though, “Pretty Good Diet Tracker” wouldn’t have quite the same ring to it. The premise behind the application is simple: fad diets don’t work. The only two things that really help you to shed blubber are exercise and eating less. With that in mind, Perfect Diet Tracker enables you to set a weight loss target, calculate an optimum diet intake and then use its diary and database to track your progress.

The software provides useful health advice right off the bat. When you enter your height and weight (in your choice of weights and measures) the program calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) and tells you whether you need to lose weight, gain more or stay the same. It’ll then suggest a recommended daily calorie intake.

The perennial problem with calorie counting is doing it accurately. A lot of software available – apart from expensive subscription tools – has a US bias, giving you access to stats on foods you won’t find on our supermarket shelves. Perfect Diet Tracker connects to a user updated database on the internet to bypass this limitation – giving you access to over 40,000 basic and branded food items available in the UK. We were easily able to find the calorie counts for our Tesco purchased breakfast and Somerfield sourced lunch.

To offset your calorie intake you can also record your daily exercise. This gives you the ability to ‘buy’ extra calories above the recommended daily limit. Handy when you’ve been sneaking the odd Snickers between meals.

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