Rosetta Stone 3.0 full review

Fairfield Language Technologies’ Rosetta Stone language learning software is a versatile, fun and easy to use product that brings a new dimension to learning a second language. Rosetta Stone 3.0 offers 29 different languages, including French, German, Chinese, Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese.

The learning is based around a technique called Dynamic Immersion and from day one you find yourself thrown in at the deep end. As there is no translation available you find yourself totally immersed in the language, and it is this that makes the learning more fun as there are no grammar tables or lists of verbs to learn. In fact, there are many aspects that make language learning with Rosetta Stone interesting and it’s an easy-to-navigate program. In a short time I had progressed to a pretty reasonable level and actually felt that I was moving along at a good pace.

The assignments – each varying in length from 5 - 20 minutes – are broken down into reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and the course provides constant feedback. The lessons all start the same with words displayed across the top of corresponding pictures. The words are then spoken and it is your task to match the spoken word with the picture, with the written word acting as a guide. Different assignments take out either the spoken or written word, which allows you to focus on a particular skill, making good your reading or listening skills. The current assignment you are working on is cleverly linked to previous lessons, so your learning is built upon past words and phrases that you have picked up and quite clearly results in continued and related progression.

The assignments are pretty straightforward to start with but soon offer the advanced user more of a challenge with lessons on personal pronouns, past and present tense and numbers. It is also possible to tailor-make a course to suit your specific needs, such as advanced writing or speaking skills.
One of the most satisfying aspects of this product is that you can use it whether you are a private individual brushing up on your holiday French for that week in Provence or a high-flyer looking to learn Chinese Mandarin for that next big business deal. If the latter is the case, it could almost certainly help grow your business and allow you to communicate with customers, employees and suppliers more effectively.

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