UK Train Times full review

UK Train times is an iPhone app (not iPod, unfortunately) that does largely what it's name suggest: it provides up-to-the-minute information on train times throughout the UK.

Setup is pretty simple, it asks if it can use Location Services (it's a lot better if you choose Yes) and enables you to look up UK train times. You can search manually for a station, but most of the time it's best to use the Nearest option to find a train near you. UK Train Times also asks if you wish to set a Home Station which appears top of the list.

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There's also a handy Next Train Home option which finds the nearest train service to you.

UK Train Times

There's also Recents tab and Favourites tab so you can look up recent train services and plan your journey.

It's possible to check departures and arrivals, and you can choose a train and view it's progress. It is also possible to plan journeys with UK Train Times, although it doesn't offer any ticket or price information: it's purely about the times.

Essential up-to-the-minute data is scraped from data feeds provided by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC).

While options are fairly limited, you can choose only direct trains, you can ask it to show overtaken trains. But on the whole it's a 'Ronseal' app that does it's job quickly and without due fuss. The information we've found over time to be sturdy and accurate, and when the British train system isn't working 100 per cent, it can be something of a life-saver.

We prefer UK Train Times to the official National Rail Enquiries app, which offers a similar service but the interface isn't as good (which you also have to pay for, cheekily). At £4.99 it isn't a cheap app, but the service it offers is valuable and if you catch trains frequently you'll soon get your money's worth from it.

Click here to open iTunes and access the UK Train Times app

UK Train Times

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