The ReMix range has always joined complimentary technologies in one box, and this model continues this. DVD-RAM is a cheap and fast optical format, but it has failed to capture peoples imagination. I suspect this is about to change because, as an archiving format, it is unbeatable. Cartridges can hold 5.2GB of data, and at just £25, they’re a bargain. The ReMix drive offers extra flexibility for the DVD-RAM drive by adding a quad speed CD-RW – meaning you can retain compatibility with older archives. Even if used for reading data the ReMix offers an unprecedented range of compatible media. DVD-RAM is supported, plus other flavours of DVD – though to watch DVD-Video you do need an MPEG2 card – and all CD types are supported as well. This all adds up to a perfect machine for a busy studio or pre-press environment, where compatibility with a wide selection of formats means less headaches all around. Also the archives produced whether CD-RW or DVD-RAM are flexible enough for you to change things without wasting a disk.


I hope to seethe DVD-RAM format become more popular, because it is well suited to increasingly larger file sizes. If you only need the DVD-RAM part it is also available as a single drive. Buying the whole ReMix package gives you compatibility with all major archiving options well into the future.

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