Reunion 8 full review

On the Mac, there's no better program for tracking and displaying a family's history than Leister Productions' Reunion. And version 8 brings Mac OS X compatibility - as well as significantly improved charting features - to the program, so it will appeal to new and upgrading users. Like prior versions, Reunion 8 sports an excellent online tutorial that leads you through the program's basics - from adding the first person to a database to creating charts of your genealogical history. But the program is so easy to use that a minute or two with the tutorial is all that's needed. Entering data is intuitive, and there's virtually no limit to the types and quantity of information you can enter about each person in a family tree, such as the date Uncle Willie got his bunion removed. The program provides support for footnotes and other citations, and it lets you view the data in almost any fashion you wish. New to Reunion 8 is extensive support for the temple ordinances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as baptism and endowment. Reunion also handles multimedia files with aplomb. Once you've entered your family information, Reunion can calculate some interesting information and statistics. For example, bringing up the Ages list for any individual displays his or her age at significant milestones in life, such as marriage, children's birth, or the death of a parent or spouse. Living relatives (if they're not faint of heart) can optionally display how much longer they're likely to live. You can also display statistics for entire family lines, detailing minimum, maximum, and average ages for events.
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