reviveLITE II int'l full review

The reviveLITE II int'l is a docking travel charger for the iPod and iPhone. You plug it into the wall, wherever you happen to be (it includes four different plugs: for the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore; Europe; US and Japan; and Australia and New Zealand). It also sports a small light at the base that could be handy in an unfamiliar hotel room, just as long as you are the type who doesn't need a complete blackout to be able to sleep.

Unfortunately if you need complete silence to sleep as well, this might not be a great device for you as when we plugged it in the wall there was a distinct high pitch wine. The wine stopped when we fixed our iPhone in place but certainly concerned us. We wonder if the wine is because the unit is set up for the US currency.

If you have more than one device to charge the reviveLITE II Int'l has a handy additional USB port in the side, so you could charge both your iPhone and iPad in one go.

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