Robin Hood:The Legend of Sherwood full review

The legendary Robin Hood has been played on the big screen by everyone from Douglas Fairbanks Jr. to Kevin Costner. Now it’s your turn to don the tights and the cap, in Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, a new real-time strategy (RTS) game from Freeverse. Despite its relatively primitive graphics, the game is quite fun if you’re fond of the genre.

You start the game playing as Robin Hood. Together with your cohorts, you must find a way to defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham and the corrupt Prince John Lackland, who conspire to keep King Richard away from the throne. You’ll learn the game’s basic mechanics over the course of the first couple of missions. Once you’ve assembled your band, you can play as different characters. All game controls are handled through on-screen interfaces such as menus and buttons, which are pretty easy to learn.

The game’s simple graphics engine helps keep system requirements remarkably low, but as a result, the graphics don’t look that great when you zoom in. Still, for a 2-D game, the action holds up well. The voice acting and music are acceptable, although the rapid recycling of the dialogue will quickly grow tired.

As you face new missions, the decisions you make affect how the game turns out. You’ll have to combine stealth with brute force and figure out how to make the best use of your environment and resources. It’s easy enough to beat some guards over the head while their backs are turned, but it might be wiser to have your Merry Men create a distraction that will bring a large group of guards away from the scene. You’ll need to stay on your toes and adjust your strategy to each situation.

The game has dozens of missions to keep you busy – and this is especially important because it doesn’t offer a multiplayer mode. Once you’ve played through, you’ve probably played as much as you’ll want to – unless you start over and play it a different way. You can download a free demo from Epic Interactive’s Web site.

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