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Robson brings the high-end telephony features of expensive switchboards into smaller offices – it’s like a personal assistant for calls. Robson has two sockets to connect to the outside world, and sockets for extensions or fax machines. When a call comes in, Robson will route any fax calls to the right line. Other calls are greeted and then passed onto the appropriate extension when the caller hits one of the keypad options. The caller ID is recorded, and Robson can announce the caller by name if it is on record, or by number as long as it’s not been withheld. Setting the system up wasn’t that easy. The first problem was that my telephone line and computer are not close enough to each other. Next ,was the fact that the Mac connection Mac is Serial rather than USB, though I’m assured that there is a USB-to-serial adaptor available. The software is about as straightforward as it can get, considering the complexity of the job. There’s a pre-recorded voice, though your own greetings can be added. It would’ve been nice if it had more flexibility – the only option is a male voice. Robson Telecom says it can provide custom voices, and a foreign-language version is on its way. Unfortunately, a custom voice is an expensive option. Min specs: A telephone line.
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