Rogue Spear full review

It’s vaguely prophetic that MacSoft’s Rogue Spear has taken hold of gamers’ imaginations and held them for so long. The sequel to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, this title puts you in charge of an elite military force that must overcome various threats. What makes Rogue Spear unique is that it’s not just a simple point-&-shoot action game. It also has a strong element of strategy – you must consider each character’s qualifications when you select team members, and you have to plan your assaults carefully. Unlike a run-of-the-mill shooter, Rogue Spear doesn’t equip you to withstand much damage from your opponents’ weapons – most often, one shot is one kill, making proper planning especially important. What really makes Rogue Spear leap ahead of the pack is the game’s sustained popularity with Internet gamers. For much of 2001, Rogue Spear was one of the most-played titles on the Mac-only online game-service GameRanger (
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