Route 66 Britain 99 full review

Before I get into this review I just want to say that despite this application’s flaws, everybody needs it. Everybody who travels, who gives directions, everyone who ever had a house party needs this program. It will replace every road map you ever had. It can direct you from any street in the country to any other street in the country, mapping every junction and listing every road on the way If you are familiar with the original version of Route 66 you will know how easy it is to find your way from town-to-town. The new version gives you even better detail, right down to streets and back alleys. However, there are limitations on how you find the place you want. For example, you have the option to show railway stations and parks but not smaller airports. There are other omissions. For instance, stadiums are a perfect example of a place that many people tend to go to every week, but none are listed as places of interest, not even Wembley. I know not every B&B or sports centre can be listed, but Wembley Stadium should be there. Route 66 performs much better when you get to long distance travelling. City- to-city directions are excellent, and the pushpin feature lets you input regular destinations. This would enable a travelling sales person to mark out groups of clients, and pick the best route, and even the order in which to visit them. At the same time it will measure the mileage, fuel consumption and expenses allowance for the trip. There are some situations where Route 66 really looses the plot. For example one route I looked at directed me down a flight of stairs just off the Strand. Fortunately I know London well and this little faux pas wouldn’t really have me driving down stairs like a scene from the Italian Job. However I would consider it a bug because Route 66 can tell the difference between a real road and a pedestrian zone.
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