Buffalo Nfiniti High Power review

Buffalo’s Nfiniti High Power router works well, and includes some useful features, but it’s not quite as Mac-friendly as it could be.

The ‘high power’ part of the name refers to the fact that this Wireless-N router generates a very strong signal in order to provide good reception even through obstacles such as walls or ceilings. It has four Ethernet ports for wired connections, and a USB port that lets you plug in a hard drive and share it with other users on a network. There’s no built-in modem, however, so you’ll need a separate ADSL or cable modem to connect it to the internet.


The main problem, though, is that the ‘Setup Wizard’ software included with the router only runs on Windows PCs, and the manual barely mentions the Mac at all. You can still use it with a Mac, but you’ll need a decent knowledge of networking in order to wade through the unhelpful manual.

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