SDM-HS95P/B full review

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the Sony SDM-HS95P/B is its attractive, hinged design that effortlessly tilts forward and backward. The second thing you’ll notice is the shiny, bright images this monitor can display at a 1,280-x-1,024-pixel resolution.

The 19-inch SDM-HS95P/B features Sony’sXBRIGHT technology – a clear coating that blocks less light than typical anti-glare screens – so colours seemto really pop. Dark areas appear much richer, giving images more depth than most LCD displays. (The Bin the name indicates the black colour, the model we reviewed, but it also comes in silver, with anS designation. Specs for both are identical.)

Straight out of the box, the display’s colours were pleasing, but a bit on the blue side. Once calibrated, however, the greys became more neutral. Though touted as a benefit of XBRIGHT, the monitor’s viewing angle was not as good as that on some other displays we’ve seen, but it is more than acceptable. Horizontally, the display begins to lose contrast at about 45 degrees off centre, but unless you regularly have two or three people crowded around your screen, this shouldn’t be an issue.

When staring very closely at the display (with my nose almost touching it – not a recommended practice) I noticed that the individual columns of pixels were a little more visible than in other displays. This creates a faint grid pattern on some lighter areas of the screen and making text look a little jaggy. But I’m just nit picking. Sony says that because XBRIGHT monitors don’t have a diffusion layer across the screen, panel characteristics are clearer to the eye. This was less noticeable in its smaller sibling, the 17-inch SDM-HS75P.

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