MacScan 2 full review

While Windows users face the possibility of viral infection every time they download a file from the internet, Mac viruses are so rare that some doubt they exist. That could be why so many forget that there are other security threats on the net. Some sites store details about your preferences in text files called ‘cookies’. They’re supposed to be unique to the site they’re issued by. Tracking breaks this rule, sharing personal details about your browser habits between sites. Then there’s spyware – desktop programs that report personal details back to their creators, secretly.

MacScan seeks to beat these twin threats in a single app. It scans target areas on your hard drive and file system for tracking cookies and spyware. Spyware’s fairly rare on the Mac, but tracking cookies are issued by many commercial sites. The program also detects remote administration tools and keyloggers – hacker applications – that may have been installed without your knowledge. Scheduling tools enable you to run scans automatically on a periodic basis; daily, if you feel it’s necessary.

When the app has finished scanning you’ll be given the option to isolate and, ultimately, delete any security threats it finds. Select ‘Web Files’ on the tool bar and you can also clean out the cache folder of several popular browsers. Select those you have installed on your system and scrub your cookies, history and temporary files clean with a single click.

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